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I have a mobile webserver, which is connected to internet through GPRS. ISP only provide a private IP, so is not possible to access to it using something like no-ip or dyndns. Is there a way to use a proxy server to access to this mobile webserver?:

  1. Mobile webserver stablish connection with proxy server

  2. a web browser (client) stablish a connection with the proxy server, and redirect the stablished socket directly to mobile webserver

  3. I need to have several of these type of mobile web server (each with a different hostname) connected to a proxy server (ie. its domain is myproxy.com), and provides to a normal user a web site in mobileserverlist.myproxy.com with a list of links, each link will point to ie




here the proxy server will redirect traffic to each mobile web server (all of them in private networks)


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You mean you have for example a mobilephone as a web server. You can't get a static ip adress and even no dyndns domain. That you can't get dyndns domain is surprising. But you dont really need a proxy. You can easily set up a request script, that direct your users to the location you want.

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