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I know how to wait till an animation is done with

//code here

and with multiple elements with

$('#element1, #element2').promise().done(function(){
//code here

but how do I wait till all of the elements on the page are done animating? I would much rather not just put in every element that I'm waiting for in there.

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To select everything that's being animated currently, just do $(":animated")

Combining that with what you already have there, it'd just be

$(":animated").promise().done(function() {
    //code here
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Thank you! That seemed to do the trick – Brian Leishman Nov 30 '11 at 21:35

The answer given by Jeremy T works fine - although based on the comments on the jquery site he linked (, it would be a faster solution to add a class to each element on the page that may be animated, and then select them using

    $('.animationclass').filter(':animated').promise().done(function() {
//Your function
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