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I need to do a link to go to a second level of tabs ( for example , direct acces to the tabs ""direct acces 1 ( in my jsfindle""" )

For the first level , I know I need to do that:

But , how can I do for my second level of tabs ? I try but its not working.... Is it possible to do this with a link or I need to use some jquery ? Thx !

My jsfiddle

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You need to do some custom logic. Often hash routes look something like this:

Then, when you do your location.hash you need to split it:

var hashPath = location.hash.split('/'); //skip the first element, it'll be '#'.
var firstLevel = hashPath[1];
var secondLevel = hashPath[2];

Oh, and I don't think the jQuery tabs plugin has native support for this, so you'll have to manually tell it which tab you want active.

Here's a sample of how to manually switch a tab:

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thx !!!!!!!!! :) – Kevin Houde Nov 30 '11 at 21:55

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