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Given a simple program such as the following, how would you:

  1. compile it as a seperate image file to be loaded by the implementation, and what command line arguments would you use to load it?

  2. Compile it as a standalone binary that can be loaded and run as is.

    Note: I tried adding ":prepend-kernel t" when saving the application only to have the follow error thrown.

    Error: value NIL is not of the
    expected type REAL. While executing: 
    CCL::<-2, in process Initial(0).
  3. How would you supress the welcome message?

    The Program

    (defun main ()
      (format t "This is the program.")0)


Hate to answer part of my own question, but I found it none the less.

After the function has been loaded type the following to compile it:

(ccl:save-application "app")

This creates an image file. To load it by passing it to the implementation type (note: the 'ccl' binary is in my system path);

ccl -I app

To run a top level function pass it as a parameter

ccl -I app --eval (main)
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See the Clozure Common Lisp documentation under Saving Applications

You can compile a file /foo/bar.lisp by calling

 (compile-file "/foo/bar.lisp") 

You can load the compiled file with the function LOAD.

You can save an application by calling

(save-application "/foo/bar-image" :toplevel-function #'main)

This will save an image, that you can run using the ccl kernel: ccl -I /foo/bar-image

To save an executable that includes the kernel use this:

(save-application "/foo/bar-app" :toplevel-function #'main :prepend-kernel t)

You can call the executable as usual with /foo/bar-app .

In Clozure Common Lisp you can check


for the list of command line arguments.

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Fixed the mistake. Also, the application was created as expected, but when I tried to load the exe an error message told me that the "Program too big to fit in memory". Have you run into this before? Know of a fix? –  BlueBadger May 7 '09 at 8:51
see my edit, use prepend-kernel to add the kernel to the file –  Rainer Joswig May 7 '09 at 8:57
I was testing all of this on their Windows Implementation and received the various errors mentioned. I just tested it on a Linux machine and it all works as expected. Thanks. –  BlueBadger May 7 '09 at 9:16
make sure you have the latest version of CCL on Windows (update from the repository). If that does not work, don't hesitate to report this as a bug on the CCL mailing list or their bugtracker. –  Rainer Joswig May 7 '09 at 10:36
As soon as I have time ;) –  BlueBadger May 7 '09 at 11:17

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