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For some reason in my below code, the replies array is NSLogging the correct description, but the comment.replies array is NSLogging null.

I immediately presumed that this was due to a memory management issue within my code, but I don't believe that that is true.

Please can you tell me why this is occurring?

- (TBComment *) dictionaryToComment:(NSDictionary *)dict {
    TBComment *comment = [[TBComment alloc] init];
    [comment setBody:[dict objectForKey:@"body"]];
    [comment setCommentID:[dict objectForKey:@"id"]];
    [comment setCreated_at:[dict objectForKey:@"created_at"]];
    [comment setUpdated_at:[dict objectForKey:@"updated_at"]];
    [comment setUser:[self dictionaryToUser:[dict objectForKey:@"user"]]];
    NSMutableArray *replies = nil;
    if ([[dict allKeys] containsObject:@"replies"]) {
        replies = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
        for (NSDictionary *reply in [dict objectForKey:@"replies"]) {
            [replies addObject:[self dictionaryToComment:reply]];
    if (replies != nil) {
        [comment setReplies:replies];
        NSLog(@"COMMENT REPLIES = %@", comment.replies);
        NSLog(@"REPLIES = %@", replies);
        [replies release];
    return [comment autorelease];

Console ->

2011-11-30 21:25:14.980 Timbrr[2379:f803] in
2011-11-30 21:25:14.980 Timbrr[2379:f803] COMMENT REPLIES = (null)
2011-11-30 21:25:14.980 Timbrr[2379:f803] REPLIES = (
    "<TBComment: 0x68dbeb0>"

- (void) setReplies:(NSArray *)_replies {
    hasReplies = (_replies == nil ? NO : ([_replies count] == 0 ? NO : YES));
    //replies is synthesised
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Also, post the code for setReplies: in your TBComment class, if you're not using a synthesized setter. – Craig Otis Nov 30 '11 at 21:37
Are you using ARC? Is comment.replies declared as "strong"? – dasblinkenlight Nov 30 '11 at 21:40
I would assume that the presence of release and autorelease in his code suggest he's not using ARC. Also, I don't think improper retaining of the replies array would result it in being nil. – Craig Otis Nov 30 '11 at 21:42
I am not using ARC. replies is declared as (nonatomic, retain) – max_ Nov 30 '11 at 21:42
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I would suspect that either comment is nil (though this would require explicit nil-returning code in TBComment, which is possible, but unusual), or that -replies or -setReplies: are incorrectly implemented. Do you have custom implementations for those?

Your implementation of setReplies: never sets _replies.

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I do have a custom implementation for -setReplies:. I have updated the post with code for doing so. – max_ Nov 30 '11 at 21:41

After seeing your implementation of setReplies:, I don't think you quite understand how @synthesize works.

@synthesize replies; will generate a getter and a setter for this instance variable. BUT since you're overriding it (and improperly) the synthesized setter is being tossed aside. (In fact, no setter is being created for you at all, since you wrote one yourself.)

The root issue is that in your implementation of setReplies:, you're not actually assigning the value of your replies instance variable to the parameter of the setter.

What I think you want is:

- (void) setReplies:(NSArray *)_replies {
    hasReplies = (_replies == nil ? NO : ([_replies count] == 0 ? NO : YES));
    // How is your ivar defined in the header file? As _replies, or replies?
    if (replies != _replies) {
        [replies release];
        replies = [_replies retain];
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Thanks craig, +1. I appreciate this answer more than @Rob Napier's, as it describes, in more detail, the reasoning behind my misinterpretation and the answer. However, I have accepted his answer merely as it was first and tells me why the replies variable was nil. – max_ Nov 30 '11 at 21:48
No worries, glad to clear things up! – Craig Otis Nov 30 '11 at 21:49

The replies property is never set - when you define setReplies:, the @synthesize directive does not create any setter method.

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