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I'm working on an ASP.Net MVC/MEF based project.

Is it possible to build the catalog such that the DLLs added to the application are approved using a known signer? We don't want to load any old plugin that conforms - just those that have been approved (approving a plugin means its signed with a known key).


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You need to perform filtering like this before you initialise the MEF catalog. I.e., if you're using AssemblyCatalog:

var assemblies = // all assemblies
var catalog = new AggregateCatalog(
        .Where(a => IsAcceptable(a))
        .Select(a => new AssemblyCatalog(a))

You need to supply the IsAcceptable method to perform assembly filtering as appropriate:

bool IsAcceptable(Assembly a) { ... }
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var c = X509Certificate.CreateFromSignedFile(assemblyFile);
if (c.Issuer = "Joe") ...

just an idea, didnt tried :) let us know if it works..

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