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Many of the standard source code checking tools (PMD, FindBugs, Checkstyles) all implement a "String Equality" rule, where the usage of == (or !=) when comparing strings can be detected and reported as an error.

I'm looking to write (or configure!) a similar rule that works on a set of other object types in my API.

//Want to detect things like:
Instance a = ...;
Instance b = ...;
if ( a == b ) //Error here, not using a.equals(b)

Looking at PMD & FindBugs there is no obvious (or easy) way to do this, has anyone come across something like this ?

Cheers, Ro

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It's worth noting that using == with objects can be a reasonable thing to do. When you want to know if it literally is the same objecg being refered to, not just one that looks the same – Richard Tingle Jun 25 '14 at 22:54

Doesn't CompareObjectsWithEquals in PMD work for you?

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Not exactly, that too much ... I need to configure the rule to only consider certain Classes. But Thanks!, that's a great starting point. – Ro. Nov 30 '11 at 23:34

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