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I have a main target that have certain files included under its target -> Build Phases -> Compile Sources. I'm starting a unit test and would like the unit test to include the same files as the main target. Is there a way to copy and paste the files included in one target to another target?

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You can create a duplicate of the target by right-clicking the target and selecting Duplicate. Or press Command+D.

You can then modify the new target's build settings as needed.

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After duplicating an app target, how can I switch it to be a unit test bundle target? –  Richard Jul 8 '13 at 18:15

You can edit the PBXSourcesBuildPhase section in your ".pbxproj" file. You cand find the file by looking into your ".xcodeproj" file ( right click the project file + show package contents ). After you find the file look for "PBXSourcesBuildPhase". After you find the collection you can just copy/paste source files from one target to the others.

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Not quite easy to find the correct targets (I have about 20 targets in the project). So I just put a new source file into the target I'm looking for to identify it in the .pbxproj file. But with that, the solution works like a charm for me. –  d4Rk Oct 24 '13 at 7:01

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