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Can we write a windows service for windows mobile (Compact framework) which shall be activated on device start. Can you pl. provide link to resource / sample code for the same.


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"Can you pl. provide link to resource / sample code for the same" -> Can't you Google it? – balexandre May 7 '09 at 7:47
@balexandre I looked a while back and drew so many blanks - This is a classic case of not knowing a detailed enough search term to filter down the results – Rowland Shaw May 7 '09 at 8:06

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You can't use Compact Framework for the development of a windows service. This is an article in MSDN about writing services for Windows CE.

For a regular application, this question has some ideas on how you can make it to automatically launch on start up.

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There is a CodePlex project that you can check out that is likely going to be your best best for creating a Windows Server on a windows mobile device.

And there is a related blog article you can check out for more details.

Managed Services for Windows Mobile

Services for Windows Mobile in managed code

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