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I've put an html web resource on my contract form and would like to pass via the data= parameter some information that comes from a plugin that is registered for PostRetrieve. I know how to set static info for the web resource, but I can't find in the SDK how to set it dynamically from a plugin. Is this possible?

Background info I'm new to developing for CRM so it's quite possible that I'm not taking the most effective route in building this project. Let me give you some more detail: when a contract is opened in CRM, my plugin retrieves some business information from a different sql server and fills in a few of the contract fields. This is working fine. However, I would also like to display a table of usernames and links that come from the remote sql server on the crm contract form. Because I did not want to save this info in the contract entity and because there are links I want the user to click on, I thought a web resource displayed on the form was the best implementation.

My thought was to pass all the data to the web resource via the data= parameter and then parse and build a table using javascript in the web resource.

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What seemed to work best: The plugin retrieves the info from the remote sql server, serializes the generic list to json and puts it in a hidden text field on the form.

The html web resource gets the content of the hidden field, does an eval, and builds a table.

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how is the html we resource getting the content of the hidden field? Check out this question: stackoverflow.com/q/25140293/1133338 – Joao Leme Aug 5 '14 at 15:18

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