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from a controller method, i'm trying to capture the output of rendering a template from another controller.

the view file is located here:


in my controller i have:

def create
  html_string = render_to_string :template => 'path/to/show'
  raise 'html string is empty!' if html_string.empty?
  # do some other stuff

the view file is very simple, just containing the text 'foo'.

i'm not getting any error about rails not being able to find the show.html.erb file, but html_string is empty, and the error is raised.

i'm seeing this behavior when running the create method through an rspec controller test. i haven't tried the code through the rails server yet.

does anyone see anything i'm missing here?

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this turns out to be due to my controller spec missing the important line:

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As soon as you are able, be sure and mark this answer as accepted so others will know that there is a solution. –  Jonathan Spooner Dec 2 '11 at 22:28

This should work

describe UsersController do
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