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The TAP::Harness 3.23 tarball includes a NotBuild.PL file (and no Build.PL file), but the README specifically states:

To use Module::Build (preferred) do:

perl Build.PL
./Build test
./Build install

Is this just an oversight or is there some reason to avoid using Module::Build? Is this how Build.PL files are normally distributed?

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I think this will answer your question:

From the Github:

History for Test-Harness

April 13, 2010

Rename Build.PL to NotBuild.PL to avoid pulling in Module::Build as a dependency for people who've told to prefer MB over EUMM.

This is so a recent version of T::H can become a dependency of Test::Simple without Module::Build becoming (effectively) a transitive dependency of Test::Simple.

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