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As you can see I did with the hover and active classes, I am trying to find a simple way of adding simple touch events to all elements on the page.

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('*').mouseover(function() {$(this).addClass('hover');});
    $('*').mouseout(function() {$('.hover').removeClass('hover');});

    $('*').mousedown(function() {$(this).addClass('active');});
    $('*').mouseup(function() {$('.active').removeClass('active');});

    // On touch down wait (100ms) > add class touch
    // On touch move > remove class touch

    // On touch up > add class active

I want there to be a slight delay before adding the touch class so that it doesn't trigger when the user is actually scrolling which is why I also want to remove the class on touch move.

You can see the jsfiddle here:

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Look at the events touchstart, touchmove and touchend.

You can programmatically determine the time taken using a delta with +new Date.

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