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My question is with sub objects. lets have this example:

tweets = [{id:1, title:"my tweet", author:{id:"sample", name:"Sample Guy"}}] ;

..etc now if i wanted to save that using express and jade, i would make a form and set an input similar to this:

input#title(type="text", name="tweet[title]", value="new tweet")

no issues there, but how would i go about setting the author's id/name? my guesses didnt work..

input#author(type="text", name="tweet[author[id]]", value="sample")

that just returns undefined when i try to console.log('author '+tweet.author.id) ; after submitting the put.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

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to reference an object of an object would be

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huh.. that was remarkably simple and obvious - thanks for the help! – tomespo44 Nov 30 '11 at 23:37
sometimes the most simple solutions are the hardest to see...you're quite welcome – Pastor Bones Nov 30 '11 at 23:42

Each pair of brackets are a level on depth. In addition to named keys you can use numbers or empty brackets, which are useful for infinite-fields.

The following layout

input(type="hidden", name="some_field", value="some value")
input(type="hidden", name="tweet[id]", value="tweet id")
input(type="text", name="tweet[author][id]", value="author id")
input(type="text", name="tweet[author][name]", value="author name")

input(type="text", name="numbers[2]", value="2 value")
input(type="text", name="numbers[1]", value="1 value")
input(type="text", name="numbers[0]", value="0 value")

input(type="text", name="more_numbers[]", value="first")
input(type="text", name="more_numbers[]", value="second")
input(type="text", name="more_numbers[]", value="third")

will produce, after submit

    some_field: "some value",
    tweet: {
        id: "tweet id",
        author: {
            id: "author id",
            name: "author name"
    numbers: ["0 value", "1 value", "2 value"],
    more_numbers: ["first", "second", "third"]

As @Pastor Bones said, you must use

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