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This is definitely subjective, and answers will necessarily involve guess work but thought some answers might be interesting.


What percentage of your code is still in production? (how do you decide what "your" code is - up to you)


How old is the oldest code of yours that you know is still out there?

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I've been working for 13 years

  • 3 years of that is probably not in use (VB 3 back in the 90's)
  • 6 years of that is definately not in use (company collapsed)
  • 1 year or so writing prototypes at various places

So I would guestimate that less than 25% of my paid time is actually functional.

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25% of your code getting to production is probably about average! More than half of all large projects never go live. Of those that do there is usually a drastic change of infrastructure or architecture half way through that requires most of the already written code to be junked. – James Anderson Dec 14 '09 at 6:45

I'm a little kid in diappers only been working for 3 years. i would say 90% of my code is still running in production. My oldest code is probably running for 2,5 years

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A mod I sent to IBM circa 1998 for the CICS C/C++ header is still in there.

Nothing special just a couple of "#IFDEF CPLUSPLUS" macros in the right place -- but its still code.

I think some COBOL code I wrote from 1992 is still running, but, I dont know anyone at the site anymore.

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How old is the oldest code of yours that you know is still out there?

On the weekend I bumped into an old work colleague (amongst 10,000 other people at our local Christmas pageant) who is still using software I helped write in 1991 at my first professional job; so around 19 years! It made my day.

It is a DOS-based application written in Advanced Revelation, a 4GL.

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What percentage of your code is still in production?

I wrote 4 corporate web apps over 7 years of dev work and 3 still see daily use (ASP/SQL/VB.NET/C#).

How old is the oldest code of yours that you know is still out there?

One web app is a 9 year-old lab usage calendar. It's written entirely in ASP and SQL.

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