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While I was trying the following SQL command , I got sql error.

INSERT INTO exampleTbl VALUES('he doesn't work for me')

where doesn't contain the apostrophe.

What is the way to insert text having ' (apostrophe) into a SQL table.

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Double apostrophe:

'he doesn''t work for me'
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Thank you so much.Would like to mark you as answer.. –  Hoque Dec 1 '11 at 5:22
Use parameterized queries if you're doing this from the program backend. You are actually seeing a SQL Injection attack happen here. –  Andrew Dec 5 at 20:46

try this

INSERT INTO exampleTbl VALUES('he doesn''t work for me')
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INSERT INTO exampleTbl VALUES('he doesn''t work for me')

If you're adding a record through ASP.NET, you can use the SqlParameter object to pass in values so you don't have to worry about the apostrophe's that users enter in.

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you can use backslash '\' if you want to display a single quote in your text.

INSERT INTO exampleTbl VALUES('He doesn(\')t') ;

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Does the open bracket necessary around \' –  Hoque Dec 1 '11 at 5:52

yes, sql server doesn't allow to insert single quote in table field due to the sql injection attack. so we must replace single appostrophe by double while saving.

(he doesn't work for me) must be => (he doesn''t work for me)

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