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any libraries which can help to convert excel, word, pdf, to image format ?
Please point me to the right direction, thanks in advance !

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Aspose for .Net is capable of converting documents to images.

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i recommed


that helped me a lot in the past.

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Last year I've successfuly implemented a so called Office Converter. I am not allowed to provide any code since I've done this at work, but I can tell you about technologies I used and for what:

  • Java WebService Client
  • C# ASP.NET WebService for the server
  • C# Office COM Interop to programmatically control MS Office

It works wonderful, but was hard to implement and deploy at some points. Since it was my first C# program I've ever written it may be more easy for a senior C# developer.

Using C# Office COM Interop to use MS Office for converting office documents to PDF is the easiest step and done in half a day - even for a beginner. But that's not all if you want to run it unattended as a service on a server ...

For converting PDF to Image-Formats we're using GhostScript.

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