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What is technical difference between buffering and loading ?

Say, i have a video, which is showing loader bar in progress. Then what's happening exactly ? Buffering or Loading ?

Thanks V.

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Loading refers to downloading the entire video to your browser cache prior to playback. With loading, the video will play without any need to re-buffer but there is generally some sort of wait involved.

Loading can be dictated with the Autoplay parameter (LOADONLY), the Prebuffer parameter, and also through VideoURL using the bandwidth detection. Find out more through these links:

Buffering refers to the small buffer that is needed to provide smooth playback. If the connection speed fluctuates and/or the connection speed cannot accommodate the bitrate of the video, the content may need to re-buffer during playback. A pre-loaded video will not need to re-buffer.

The associated parameters are here:

They are generally best left unspecified, left at their default values.

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