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I would like to do a test on downloading data(zip file) from a server and using it in my iOS app.

How does one host this data?

Using a server or a web host? How does one obtain the url to embed in the iOS app? (i know this is server basics) My other question was about the security.

If I offer a .zip file for an in app purchase. what happens when my app is cracked? Can the crackers access the url and possibly mess with the data at that location?


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First and last, a hacker can get if he wants anyway.

In most cases for an app developer who utilize in-app purchase, just make sure you are not only check the existence of zip in your app but also check the AppStore receipts (at least one time per zip per device).

refer to In-App Purchase Programming Guide for more about AppStore receipts, there're also nice diagrams.

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Thanks. I just discovered Urban Airship has an in app purchase service too. –  Helium3 Dec 1 '11 at 6:52

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