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Is there a way to get the location/hometown (whichever available) using the facebook graph API?

The catch here is I do not want the user to go through an authentication process, meaning I want to get the location/hometown without having the access_token

Therefore, the following case would be void,hometown&access_token=USER_ACCESS_TOKEN

Please help


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access token is required with the following permissions


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use hometown_location field of a user table to get location details. We get this info. only if a user shares it's location detail public.

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If you have the permissions to access this user data, you just have to parse the key-value dict to your model, eg:

self.user.location = [user objectForKey:@"location"][@"name"];

same for hometown:

self.user.hometown = [user objectForKey:@"hometown"][@"name"];


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