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Can anybody help me with a function in php using regex to return all founded sub strings between two delimiters.

expmple :

<p class="mn"><a href="123517/2882"> Hi all 5 </a>
<p class="mn"><a href="123518/2662"> Hi all 6 </a>
<p class="mn"><a href="123519/2552"> Hi all 55 </a>
<p class="mn"><a href="1235100/7722"> Hi all 15</a>

I need to get all substrings between <p class="mn"><a href=" and "> using regex php function.

I tried some methods here but I can not handle regex syntax rightly, so I need a help with regex syntax and how to use it.


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I tried some methods what methods? –  k102 Dec 1 '11 at 7:07
What's your desired output? –  FailedDev Dec 1 '11 at 7:08

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In the specific sense, try

preg_match_all('@<p class="mn"><a href="(.+?)">@', $str, $m);

In the general sense, parse the HTML with a library and use XPath.

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