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The task is to take all the movies associated with a dictionary of actors.

actor_dict = {'actor_A': [m1, m2, m3, m4], 'actor_B': [m5,m6,m7,m8]}

How can I single out the list of values from the entire dictionary?

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One possibility would be:

movies_list = []
for v in actor_dict.itervalues():

If you want unique movies (if one movie appears in more actors' lists):

movies_set = []
for v in actor_dict.itervalues():
movies_list = list(movies_set)


movies_list = list(reduce(set.union, map(set, d.itervalues())))

or (thanks to @DrTyrsa):

movies_list = list(set.union(*map(set, d.itervalues())))
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