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Consider a file which has a line like this:

"STDHKD7" "STD" "PM" "HKD" 7 0 "" "" "" "" "" yes yes "FILE" "fx.csv" yes no 0 1

Next consider a file which has a line like this:

"STDHKD7" "STD" "PM" "HKD" 7 0 "" "" "" "" "" yes yes "FILE" "fx.csv" yes no 0 2

As you can see there is a difference in the end of 2 instead of 1. These lines are not on the same line in the document so I cannot use the default notepad++ comparison tool. I want to be able to take the first line some somehow "find a match" (maybe up to a certain number of characters) in the other file, no matter what line that match is on. This in order to find differences like the one highlighted above.

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Did you find something ? I used the Compare plugin v1.5.6 : – pit Mar 13 at 2:08

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I'm not aware of any notepad++ plugin solving your needs. I think you have to implement an own solution for this (script, plugins, ...).

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