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I have a table called car_parts, and my controller is called CarPartsController, file is car_parts_controller.php. Then I have the model Car_Part, file name car_part.php. Here is the code

class CarPartsController extends AppController {

    var $name = 'Car_Parts';

    var $uses = array("Car_Part");

    function get_part($id)
       $this->set('car_parts',$this->Car_Part->find('first', array('conditions' => array('Car_Part.car_id' == $id))));
       $this->layout = 'master_layout';



class Car_Part extends AppModel{

    var $name = 'Car_Part';

View, this view is called get_part.ctp


The problem I am having is that it says that it can not find the table car__parts (and it looks like if it had a double underscore but my table does not have a double underscore. Any ideas what I am doing wrong. I am new to Cake PHP.

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Drop the underscore between Car & Part:

class CarPart extends AppModel {

  var $name = 'CarPart';

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