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I recently started to use WatiN to test some stuff on a website.

And I would like to ask, is it possible: if I have a select list on my page, can I retrieve all the values with text from it in a dictionary?

Like let's say I have a list:

<SELECT NAME="mylist" onChange="disp_text()">
<OPTION VALUE="m1">Cape Fear
<OPTION VALUE="m2">The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
<OPTION VALUE="m3">The Omen
<OPTION VALUE="m4">The Godfather
<OPTION VALUE="m5">Forrest Gump

So I would like to have a dictionary with those values <string, string> dictionary.add(m1, "cape fear");... etc

Is it possible to do with watin? And how?

Another question is when I click on a link it opens a new tab in IE, how do I close only that newly opened tab and continue doing work on the main page?

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If you have two different questions, you should ask them separately on SO. – Otiel Dec 1 '11 at 7:45

This might help you with your first question

        SelectList region1 = browser.SelectList(Find.ByName("mylist"));
        Dictionary<string, string> optionsdictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();
        foreach (Option option in region1.Options)
            optionsdictionary.Add(option.Value, option.Text);

And for the second one, I tried this with FireFox and it works, but like Otiel said, you should post separate questions.

        Link newslink = browser.Link(Find.ByUrl("somelink"));
        FireFox newbrowser = FireFox.AttachTo<FireFox>(Find.ByUrl("somelink"));
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Alternatively, you could let linq do the hard work for you: -

SelectList regionLst = browser.SelectList(Find.ByName("mylist"));
Dictionary<string, string> optionsDictionary = regionLst.Options.ToDictionary(option => option.Value, option => option.Text);

Just one word of warning. Both this example and the one provided by Ashish rely on there being no duplicate "option values" in your select list. HTH!

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