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Can somebody tell me if there are some posibility to get the domain name in unittest and if no how generaly this is solved;

Generaly in UnitTest there are no such need because you can dispatch something like /edit.html and it works right;

For Selenium tests it is more dificult, of couse we can hadcode it in a variable, but I'm looking for solution to make it work on virtual host example.com/edit.html and on localhost: localhost/example/public/edit.html;

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You need to be more explicit, perhaps with a non-generic example. First, where do you want the domain? Second, are you trying to set the domain or read it? Normally when testing Zend Framework code using ControllerTestCase the domain never enters the picture. –  David Harkness Dec 1 '11 at 8:14
The domain/IP you pass to setBrowserUrl() is wherever you have deployed your application for testing. For us it's a hard-coded IP address, but in your case it may be a real domain or an entry in /etc/hosts. How does your application get the domain outside unit tests? –  David Harkness Dec 1 '11 at 20:27

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the domain name shouldn't have a bearing on your tests, and you need to mock these things up, be it the controller, view, etc. You don't run tests against the actual url, you test units of code against those portions of code within, for example, an action in the controller, or method in an action helper, etc.

check out the phpunit docs

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