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I have a DefaultProcessor.java that processes files for different products (some 50 products). So the product specific beans are configured in spring config files (one spring-config file per product).

Now I have some 2-3 product-specific properties (key-value pairs) also. So I was wondering to have those properties in the config file itself instead of having one properties file per product.

Q1. Is it possible to specify key-value pairs in spring-config file without creating a bean?

Q2. If it is not possible, then Is it a good practice to create an Environment.java class having Map<String, String> as a property and then configure that bean in each product-specific config file instead of having those properties in a .properties file.

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You can use util:map

From the spring docs:

<util:map id="emails">
    <entry key="pechorin" value="pechorin@hero.org"/>
    <entry key="raskolnikov" value="raskolnikov@slums.org"/>
    <entry key="stavrogin" value="stavrogin@gov.org"/>
    <entry key="porfiry" value="porfiry@gov.org"/>

You can then inject the map using normal spring setter/constructor mechanisms

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@YatendraGoel: I'm not sure what you ask, but you can do this: <bean ...><property...><util:map><entry.../> <entry.../></util:map></property></bean> –  Max Dec 1 '11 at 8:41
@Max I know I can do this. I wanted to know Is it possible to access this map without declaring a bean? –  Yatendra Goel Dec 1 '11 at 8:44
you mean to have a reference to a map from outside the spring container? –  Liviu T. Dec 1 '11 at 8:45

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