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I wrote the following code using XMLDocument

string Query = @"/ShortcutList/" + Modality;
            XmlNodeList nodes = shortcutsXMLDocument.SelectNodes(Query);
            if (nodes == null)
                // if the modality not exists, I will load the Default one 

                Query = @"/ShortcutList/Default";
                nodes = shortcutsXMLDocument.SelectNodes(Query);

            for (int i = 0; i < nodes[0].ChildNodes.Count; i++)
// do something here

where shortcutsXMLDocument is XMLDocument

How to convert it using xDocument , I failed to find the equivalent to SelectNodes in xdocument

any idea please

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Well the code is rather odd as SelectNodes always returns an XmlNodeList so the check if (nodes == null) will never be true and you can just as well remove it. As for the first two lines, you could replace them with

List<XElement> nodes = shortcutsXMLDocument.Elements("ShortcutList").Elements(Modality).ToList();

assuming that the Modality variable contains simply an element name and not a complete XPath expression.

Then for the for loop you could use e.g.

foreach (XNode node in nodes[0].Nodes()) {
  // do something here with node

but I suspect that we could write clearer and simpler code if you tell us what you want to achieve by posting a sample of the XML and some explanation of which data you want to extract.

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