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I am connecting to a linux system via PuTTY. I am using GNU screen.

Once I input a command on the screen, I am unable to create a new one or do anything else until this command gets completed. I have a feeling I am going about this all wrong.

When it says Ctrl-A c What does this mean? How do I get those keys listed on

I am currently having to create multiple sessions of PuTTY.

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Once you have executed the command screen you're now in a screen session. You can create new windows (think of them like tabs) and switch between them. To create a window, you use the command Ctrl-a c. This means:

  • Hold down Ctrl and a simultaneously (this tells screen you'd like to issue it the following command...)
  • Release the keys
  • Press c (create new window button)

This should create a new window in the screen session (you now have two).

To switch between windows you, again, use the Ctrl-a command followed by the number of the window you'd like to switch to. E.g., Ctrl-a 0 will take you home.

Ctrl-a " will list the windows you have active.

Ctrl-a k closes the current active window.

Ctrl-a d "Detaches" the screen session, you are moved back to the terminal where you invoked screen. Your screen session is still running in a background process, to return to it use Ctrl-a x.

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It seems most of these commands are not working on my PuTTy. Or maybe they are disabled. The only thing that works is CTRL-A d – Kenyana Dec 1 '11 at 10:25
Invoke screen, and then type echo Screen 0!, add another window as in the answer and your text Screen 0! should have vanished as you're in a new window. Try switching back to window 0 and it should be there :). – Lewis Norton Dec 1 '11 at 10:38
After quiting you screen add the following line to your ~/.screenrc hardstatus alwayslastline "Host %H %l|%Y-%m-%d %c|%w" and start screen again. This configuration line will setup a status line with some usefull information. With that, you are able to see newely created windows. With CTRL+A CTRL+A you switch between the last two windows back and forth. – f4m8 Dec 1 '11 at 13:48

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