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I have some LINQ query (or IQueryable<T> object based on LINQ query) and want to get some unique string based on this query.

I have, for example:

var someValue = 10;
var query = (from i in db.Customers
            where i.Id == someValue
            select i).AsQueryable();

I should get something like this:

"from i in db.Customers where i.Id == 10"

I am trying to use Expression object and play with it but I can not get generic approach to get string with exact parameters values.


public string GetKey<T>(IQueryable<T> query)
  return unique_string;

Note that different parameters values for the same LINQ query should provide different strings.

Thanks in advance.

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I strongly suspect that this is simply not going to work. Aside from anything else, if you have to use AsQueryable (i.e. if your original query is over IEnumerable<T> then the compiler will have used delegates instead of expression trees to start with.

If it's a pure IQuerable<T> all the way, you could try using query.Expression.ToString(), but frankly it's not something I'd want to rely on.

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Solved this issue with Expression Tree Serialization with some improvements for getting exact values of passed parameters. It provides a big but unique XML file based on IQueryable objects.

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