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How do i split a String into multiple values?

I have a string 0001-102525 . I want to split it into 0001 and 102525.How can i do it? Regards,

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string myString = "0001-102525";
string[] splitString = myString.Split("-");

Then access either like so:

splitString[0] and splitString[1]

Don't forget to check the the count/length if you are splitting user inputted strings as they may not have entered the '-' which would cause an OutOfRangeException.

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string myString = "0001-102525";

//to split the string

string [] split = myString.Split("-");

//to display the new strings obtained to console

foreach(string s in split)
  if(s.Trim() !="")
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string strToSplit = "0001-102525"; //Can be of any length and with many '-'s
string[] arrStr = strToSplit.Split('-');
foreach (string s in arrStr) //strToSplit can be with many '-'s.  This foreach loop to go thru entire arrStr string array
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string strData = "0001-102525";
//Using List
List<string> strList = strData.Split('-').ToList();
string first = strList.First();
string last = strList.Last();

//Using Array
string[] strArray = strData.Split('-');
string firstItem = strArray[0];
string lastItem = strArray[1];
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How about:

string[] bits = text.Split('-');
// TODO: Validate that there are exactly two parts
string first = bits[0];
string second = bits[1];
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You can use C# split method - MSDN

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