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I have to play video, that parameters are:

  • audio: Vorbis Audio (vorb)
  • video: Google/On2's VP8 Video (VP80)

I tried to use JWPlayer, but unsuccessfully. Is something wrong with video or there is any other web player that support VP80?

Best regards.

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Go ahead and try this one DarkOnyx - I'm using this on my site for like 2 weeks and it's brilliant. For encoding videos I suggest Miroconverter. It generates nice WEBM (VP8) and OGV (tehora) video from MP4. Just sometimes when MP4 is messed up it may not work (be aware of that).

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KMPlaer, (any M Player ), and VLC also offers play back supportability to VP8 ( Container --webM, MKV ) with (Audio codec -- vorbis )

In android VLC Beta, MXPlayer .

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