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i have a Magento shop and want to do the following: Some of the products should not be available for buying (they should be put in some kind of catalog mode). How could this be achieved in Magento?

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Make some custom attribute for those products. For example:


And on frontend display add to card button depending on this attribute. Like this:

if($product->getCanSale() == 1){
    /*Display add to cart button*/
    /*Dont' display add to cart button*/
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thanks, that works! =) I've added it to the global scope and to All Product Types. – AlexFr. Dec 1 '11 at 15:25

The above answer works, but is a template solution for something that (in principle) should be solved server-side.

If any of your visitors is savvy enough to construct an add-to-cart URL, they can still add products you hid the cart button for, to their carts. Probably a very minor problem of course, in this case.

There's an extension called Not2Order, don't know if I'm allowed to link it here. That extension takes care of enabling / disabling the ordering of products from the server side, which is a little more robust.

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