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I now how to make a ListView with headers (there are tons of examples), but what I want to do is a ListView with headers and when one of the sections scrolls, the header would still be there.

I think I found one... but now I cannot find it again...

It's just like Contacts app. I hope you can help me!


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Just a trick you may go for it:

Take LinearLayout with vertical orientaion

  1. Put one textview with width fill_parent and height Wrap_content
  2. Then put your ListView with both height and width fill_parent.

Hope it will work. :)

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Just put another layout before ListView

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You can use listView.addheader(yourlayout) method to add the header

priavate ListView l1;
extend your listView from layout 
use this
Create a view For Header in your main layout file
l1.addHeaderView(View v) to add Header
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