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All my results are of type "active, inactive, historical" - this is a field indexed by Solr.

I want my results to be returned with a boost to type="active".

I could do ordering which will suffice, but its not great.

So, when a user searches for a term "sick", they get the most relevant results to sick, but with a higher boost for documents where its active.

Not just a sorted result set!

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You can use the edismax parser and the following boost query bq paramter to get your desired results to be boosted to the top...


In this example you are adding a boost query to increase the relevancy of documents whose type is active.

Here are some more examples on the Solr Wiki DisMaxQParserPlugin page.

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The above example will create an additive boost. If you want an multiplicative boost for "type=active" you could add:


Which gives a factor 2 boost for "type=active"

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This boost method is recommended in this great article describing the different boost methods: nolanlawson.com/2012/06/02/comparing-boost-methods-in-solr –  Fractalf Nov 19 '14 at 14:46

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