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I have an xts object, for example


and need to add a new point, for example

(Sys.Date()+11, 11)

I have tried

ts[Sys.Date()+11] <- 11

but it doesnt work. I would prefer to avoid creating a new xts object. Is there an elegant way to do this.

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You can use c or rbind on an xts object to append row-wise:

c(ts, xts(11, Sys.Date()+11))


Note that this produces a warning mismatched types: converting objects to numeric. To remove the warning, first coerce the value to numeric, e.g:

c(ts, xts(as.integer(11), Sys.Date()+11))

2011-12-01    1
2011-12-02    2
2011-12-03    3
2011-12-04    4
2011-12-05    5
2011-12-06    6
2011-12-07    7
2011-12-08    8
2011-12-09    9
2011-12-11   10
2011-12-12   11
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I get the following warning, do you also have it? Warning message: In c.xts(ts, xts(11, Sys.Date() + 11)) : mismatched types: converting objects to numeric – LouisChiffre Dec 1 '11 at 11:00
@LouisChiffre I have edited the answer. You can remove the warning by explicitly coercing the data to integer, before passing to xts – Andrie Dec 1 '11 at 11:20
good, thanks ;) – LouisChiffre Dec 1 '11 at 11:44

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