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Is it possible to implemented a Pull to Refresh feature to reload pages within a WebView (Version 2.2 and above)?

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Hi Alexander, can you please accept an answer if you think one of them solved your problem? ;-) – Nicholas Sep 16 '12 at 9:05
Hi alexander, could you tell us how you did it? What did you do with that library in order to get it working? Thank you! – TurboManolo Sep 24 '12 at 16:57
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Have you tried

According to the documentation it also has support for WebViews and the demo app works like a charm.

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check following

it's work for me, I think you are looking something similar

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You can use Android-PullToRefresh library, it contains different ready-to-use wraps for GridView, ListView, ScrollView and WebView. Please take a look at:

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Download Zip from the following link.Add the library project(library) to both PullToRefreshListFragment & PullToRefreshViewPager as library project after that add PullToRefreshListFragment &PullToRefreshViewPager projects to LauncherActivity to run.

To use webView PullTorefresh in your project Activity, Your Project-> properties->android->add the library.jar

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You can override overScrollBy() method and obtain deltaY at a given scrollY value, then call your inner javascript method responsible for starting pull to refresh.

Android ListView: get Overscroll distance

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This is now super easy by using the SwipeRefreshLayout. A good tutorial is available here:

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