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I have File and I want to do the following task: (just to get more knowledge about the thread reading and writing file.)

When an application starts andthe file is read I want to have information about all the streams which are open and how many threads are reading from the same stream.

Is there a way I can have all the stream information via reflection . Is there another way ?

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I would suggest some sort of StreamFactory class that will maintain that information for you. Threads can then do a InputStream getStream(File) and closeStream(InputStream) or some such and the factory will maintain the list of which thread has what streams open and provide some statistics functions such as:

public Collection<InputStream> getOpenStreams()


public int getNumThreadsWithStream(InputStream);
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I believe this is something you have to keep track of yourself. If you are sharing a file stream between threads (and I suggest you don't do this, use one thread for reading the stream and pass work to a thread pool if you need too.) you can keep track of all the Thread which have attempted to read the stream.

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