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Is there a simple way in oracle to create a History table of a queue table? The payload type of the queue table is specific type, so if i want to create a normal history table would this specific payload type be a problem ??

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Since you are still on 10g, dbms_wm is one option you might want to take a look at. You can version enable a table and all further DML against the table will be converted so that history is maintained.

You can take a look at the implementation here.

Please note that this will impact performance since you have triggers firing on different DML to implement versioning.

About the payload type comment, I don't know of any specific constraints with types. You can probably try a small table with your user-defined type and see if you have any issues.

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i have to avoid any thing that will impact performance, this is why i didn't use the retention time of the queue, which was tested and made performance issues. I don't know if triggers on a queue table has also impact on performance i have to check that before using a separate history table. – Khalif Dec 1 '11 at 13:24

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