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I'm trying to make a facebook graph api call to get a public(i.e. OPEN) group's feed.

When I go to the group's site there's quite a large feed, but when I issue the API call, I get an empty array.

I tried using an access_token parameter received from the group's adminitrator, but I still got nothing.

Do I have to request some specific permissions to receive the feed?

Note that on some pages I can get all data without extra permissions - e.g. the cocacola page:


My end goal is to have a list of all recent feed activity for the group on a third-party page.

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Page access tokens are diffirent from user access tokens. So if you had an administrator access token, you have to get a list of pages that admin owns. Then in that list you can find page specific acces tokens. After gathering page access_token you can make the API call. But also you have to get Page access permissions.

1) GET admin's pages array with access_tokens


2) Then get the page access token from returning array

3) Finally you can call page's feed api.

Hope it helps,

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Right. But can I display this data to users just browsing the site? without asking them to authenticate, etc. –  x10 Dec 1 '11 at 11:49

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