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I have a very peculiar requirement and I am not an HTML expert. I need to create a CHM (Compiled HTML File) in which I want to use an image (a single screenshot) that will have parts of the image linked to other sections in the help file. In other words I want to hover the mouse to individual regions in the single screenshot to link to other parts of the help file.

Just for information the screenshot is a shot of various buttons and checkboxes that are a part of the application.

I do not wish to break up the single image into multiple images and then link each image to another part of the help file (that explains the function of the image). I think that is very much possible and not a problem at all.

If you can just in brief explain how this can be done or provide me a link I would be grateful.

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can an image map be used within a chm file? –  Romi24 Dec 1 '11 at 11:07

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You can use an Image Map for this. You basically have a normal image and then place various invisible shapes over the image. You can then use all the shapes for hover and click events.

With some googling I found this:

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Consider using an HTML image map, which you can create online here. An HTML image map is a set of tags describing various regions of an image that can have links of their own.

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Aren't those called "image maps"? HTML has a tag called <area> (and <map> itself) which allows you to do this.

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Try the HTML Image Map:

Creating HTML Image Maps

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You'll need to use an image map for this. If you want to get a bit fancy and have rollover's for this you could think about using the ImageMapster jQuery plugin.

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