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so I have to hit a webservice (xml-rpc), im using xml-rpc.net library to do this. One of the parameters i have to pass must be of type of which there is no such thing in .net as a variable. At the moment i am just writing the XML and posting, this is not a satisfiable solution.

How the xml for the datetime looks:


anyone got any smart ideas, someone said make a variable of a class dateTime.iso8601 and use that as the parameter type.

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are you sure xml-rpc.net will not automatically serialize your DateTime in the appropriate format? –  madd0 Dec 1 '11 at 11:01
I will test it next week and update –  David Dec 2 '11 at 11:18

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xml-rpc.net certainly takes a System.Datetime and converts to dateTime.iso8601. A gotcha I had was with the various interpretations of dateTime.iso8601. From your xml template, your datetime output is supported (20101117T09:42:00) and you won't have the same problem. I had a very strict upstream server that wanted some offset (e.g +001) and I had to extend and pass a datetime format to xml-rpc.net.

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