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I am an iPhone developer and a beginner in Titanium Studio. I have some ideas about basic concepts of using view, window, tabBar in Titanium. I need to proceed advance to deal with MapViews. Where can I find some guidelines or some samples to work with GeoLocations, open a mapView, get the current location, get latitude and longitudes, point annotation on the specified location. I have another basic question and it will be very silly as I started learning Titanium yesterday. How can I print a string as I use 'NSLog' and 'printf'? Answers are welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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To print in console you can use,

Ti.API.info("String to Print");
Ti.API.debug("String to Print");
Ti.API.error("String to Print");
Ti.API.warn("String to Print");

Check that Geolocation and Map API (Links already provided by Muhammad Zeeshan) and try to implement a sample code. If find any difficulties than you can post to community again.


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In order to find the details of the objects you want to use, you need to go to the details of

If you want to display the string on the screen you can use

There is a very good code example you can use Seven days with Titanium

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