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I would like to observe or intercept Conversation.begin() method call in CDI in order to stock the new Conversation.getId() and list all the opened conversation.

I don't find in the spec (JSR-299) how to observe such event. I'm thinking of complex system of Extension which would perhaps use ProcessInjectionTarget or ProcessProducer or other events to do that... but I feel like it exists another simpler solution...

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I've marked that question "solved" but it's not really the case as it now depends on the resolution of CDI-199 feature request... if anybody has another solution don't hesitate. –  Anthony O. Dec 5 '11 at 18:25

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Hmm, these are built in beans and so can't be decorated. In CDI 1.1 you could use ProcessInjectionPoint, or add a request to issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI to be able to decorate built in beans.

So right now, not much idea, sorry.

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Thank you, I've just created CDI-199 feature request –  Anthony O. Dec 5 '11 at 10:25

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