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I am new to LWUIT, its indeed a great fun to use it so far. Currently I have to use its browser component to send and receive data to and from the server. Can anybody give me an insight about it or a tutorial so that I can get working into it. Thanks in advance.

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Why you are using Browser for sending & Receiving Data, you can use HttpConnection for it. – Lucifer Dec 1 '11 at 11:54
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If you intend to have browser specific functionality like XML, HTML page rendering in your application than read the following articles


If you intend to implement communication between client and server using LWUIT than refer LWUIT4IO library packaged with LWUIT 1.5 download. Read the following articles to better understand 'LWUIT4IO' the library.


If you intend to communicate with the server from mobile client purely for data exchange then have a look at Generic Connection Framework. Here you can find ample information, sample code snippets and get to know various connection methodologies available for JavaME.

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