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I have got three stores installed on the same installation of Magento Enterprise edition.

I created an extra Customer Attribute and it did get successfully showed up on front-end. But I would like to display this attribute in "Manage Customer View" in admin so that I can use this attribute to filter my customer records out.

But it doesn't get showed up with the other attributes. How do I achieve this?

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Created a custom module which over rides Mage/Adminhtml/Block/Customer/Grid.php and modified the following functions. Since I wanted to add a column which is a part of my customer's billing information, my code looked like this.

public function setCollection($collection)
    $collection->joinAttribute('your_column', 'customer_address/your_column', 'default_billing', null, 'left');                   

$this->addColumn('Company', array(
        'header'    => Mage::helper('customer')->__('Your column'),
        'index'     => 'your_column',
        'type'      => 'text',
        //'renderer' => 'ConstantMedia_Adminhtml_Block_Render_Confirmation',


You can tweak the code according to your requirements. Hope this helps!

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One way to do it is to extend:


located in:


and add your column in _prepareColumns()

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But I am using Magento Enterprise. And I an see that attribute listed with other attributes and I could also see it on my front end. I just could not see it in "Manage Customers" grid view and I would like to see it there mainly. Will your solution help me see it in admin section of Manage Customers? – ivn Dec 1 '11 at 22:00

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