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Is it possible to create an application in c# that can itself create another application from source code it creates dynamically?

for example, application 1 runs and asks you some basic questions. then uses the answers to those questions to compile a brand new exe for you containing your answers inside the source code?

I hope that makes sense!


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Yes you can using the CSharpCodeProvider class. See this code project article which gives you the general idea:

Compiling and Executing Code at Runtime

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My GoogleFu was weak today! Good link, just what I was looking for. Haven't had a really good look, but it looks like that class is just the ticket. – SmithMart Dec 1 '11 at 12:41

Do you really need to create a different application every time?

Creating a generic version of that application and then configuring it using a file from the other application might be easier.

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Im creating a wrapper for another application, so the application I am creating will take another exe file and some other bits as inputs, then compile a new EXE that will contain the file and install them all. Kind of a mini installer. – SmithMart Dec 1 '11 at 12:56

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