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How do you set the IIS application pool that a LightSwitch application is deployed to ?

For both IIS 6 and 7 ?

When using MsDeploy ?

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If you want to use msdeploy.exe to deploy just the app pool to IIS 7, you can use the appPoolConfig provider. (The provider is not supported on IIS 6.)

If you’re using msdeploy.exe and want to include the application pool as part of an application deployment, you can use the -enableLink:AppPool or -enableLink:AppPoolExtension switches (they are equivalent).

Also, if you want to set the .NET Framework version of the application pool, you can use the Web Deploy appPoolNetFx provider.

Here are some references if you're going to use IIS Manager:

To set the application pool in IIS 7, go to the Application Pools reference page and follow the steps under “How to configure the application pool for an existing site or application”.

To set the application pool in IIS 6, see Configuring Application Pools in IIS 6.0.

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