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The CLI output from a phpunit test contains useful information, such as:

PHPUnit 3.6.4 by Sebastian Bergmann.
Time: 7 seconds, Memory: 5.50Mb
There was 1 failure:
1) testHandler::testItem
Failed asserting that page text contains <itest New Family Name>.


Tests: 1, Assertions: 97, Failures: 1.

I'd like to send this information to my test tracking software by way of a POST through php curl.

However I can't find a way of catching the information in my test class (which extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase).

Any help / thoughts would be appreciated.

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The easiest way if you have a custom build solution seems to be:

phpunit | curl -X http://url


phpunit 2>&1 > output.txt && cat output.txt | curl -X http://url

or something like that.

If you are using a proper Continuous Integration server look into the --log-junit and --coverage-clover or other output formats like --log-json.

I don't see any reason why you would want to get the output programmatically while the test are running. It just seems to be a lot more work than gain. There are ways to extend PHPUnit to integrate it with bugtrackers though. Have a look at the PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener.

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