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I'm using jQuery's .data() method to store some data using nested objects like this:

$('div.divwithdata').data('somedata', {
    'a': {
        'b': {
            'c' : {}

However my question is: Is there a way to replace nested object's property without overwriting the whole object ?

I tought it could be done with .data('somedata.a.b', 'newdata') or .data('somedata[a][b]', 'newdata'), but none of them worked.

jsFiddle example

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Since data() stores references, you can use its getter form and directly update the object it returns:

$("div.divwithdata").data("somedata").a.b = "newdata";

Or, using bracket notation:

$("div.divwithdata").data("somedata")["a"]["b"] = "newdata";
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$('div.divwithdata').data('somedata').a = something... or $('div.divwithdata').data('somedata').a.b.c = "test";

This works;

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